Move In/Out Cleaning

A Sparkling New Home

You purchased or signed a new lease on a home and as the date go by for you to move your things, you realize the residence or rental might need some cleaning before you get settled in. This guide has everything you need to get started off the right foot with a freshly cleaned space.

We created a downloadable move-in cleaning task list to simplify the process of cleaning your new home before moving in. It includes every cleaning challenge that must be tackled as you prepare to settle into your new space.

Seek advice from our list on your phone or print it out and pin it to the refrigerator of your new home, checking things off the list as you go. Download our Move In/Out cleaning Task List here.

How-to Clean a House Before Moving in?

We propose cleaning before moving in your new place, the cleaning will come much easier without all your belongings filling the space. If you don’t have time to clean the space yourself (as there is so much to do during a move), give us a call and we’ll get the place cleaned and sparkling.

If you pick to handle the process yourself, consider following these steps:


Splendid Cleaning is usually available to ease the pressure of keeping matters clean, and moving into a new house or apartment is not any exception. explore our cleaning services and give us a call at (613) 699-3014 if you want a seamless experience moving-in your new home rather than scrubbing away at someone else’s dirt.

Stepping into a brand new home usually means you’re also moving-out of some other. Try out our list for everything you need to know about cleaning a house or rental before you moving-out.

Take Time For Yourself.

We Clean, You Rest!